How it all began

In today's fast paced and constantly evolving economic climate, organizations worldwide have realized that what makes the difference between being mediocre and being an industry leader is really the people you partner with.

This is where we come in; our technologies and expertise have given our clients the push they need to grow and evolve, with the confidence and backing necessary for successful corporate development.

Founded in 2001 by a team of visionaries in Canada, SongCatalog™ Inc.soon became the premiere partner for music publishers, music labels, independent commercial use. However, the organization did not stop there; SongCatalog™ too evolved into'on' and 'off site' services in order to keep pace with the constantly enhanced demands of the ever evolving entertainment industry.

This led to the inception of Lions Bay Technologies. Created to enhance the scope of companies like SongCatalog™, Lions Bay Technologies provides artists and producers to connect with companies looking to license music for tailor made business solutions that power companies all across North America.

As the offshore branch of Lions Bay Technologies, Lions Bay Holdings, based in Sri Lanka makes it possible for many local and international clients to harness the incredible potential of technology and creativity through a range of services. With extensive expertise in the spheres of Interactive Marketing Solutions, Event Management and Advertising, Lions Bay holdings has changed the way the Sri Lankan market thinks of technology and creativity.


Handling the advertising and promotions for some of Sri Lanka's most beloved brands

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Specializing in technology based developments and marketing, Lions Bay Interactive delivers

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Our Clients

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